Stream to 3D release 3 has landed, with first class streaming support!

Stream to 3D release 3 has landed, with first class streaming support!


I thought that I would post briefly about the new Stream to 3D release.

The main feature, of Release 3, is first class support for streaming converted video over; HTTP, RTP, UDP or RTSP. This means that you can now stream 2D to 3D real-time converted videos to your headset directly without using a PC Media player, Virtual Desktop or BigScreen.

Pigasus VR Media player is one example of an Oculus VR headset based media player that supports video streaming. VLC also supports several streaming formats on a wide variety of devices including PCs, Smart TVs (including 3D TVs), Phones etc.

See here for a link to the additional streaming functionality in Stream to 3D:

The default conversion format has also changed to ".mkv" from ".mp4" for new installs. You can also now specify this format in the "Settings/Conversion" menu.

The ".mkv" format is better suited as a default as it let's the video be read while it is still being converted. That is, you can now start playback of converted videos before conversion has finished.

You can also now control the file name pattern used by Stream to 3D to distinguish files that are already in 3D format. This new setting is in the "Settings/Format" menu. A regular expression is used. This is useful if you are using your own 3D file naming conventions, for example.

A new 3D output format has also been added, "Anaglyph 3D (Red/Cyan)". So, you can now output 3D video on 2D devices and watch with Red/Cyan glasses!

Check out the full product overview here.