Stream to 3D Release 4 is now available! A Major Leap Forward Inspired by User Feedback

Stream to 3D Release 4 is now available! A Major Leap Forward Inspired by User Feedback

We are thrilled to announce the release of Stream to 3D version 4, a substantial update that leverages your feedback to significantly enhance; the 3D effect, usability and device compatibility.

This update brings groundbreaking improvements, making 3D conversion more intuitive, accessible, and satisfying for users worldwide. Highlights of this version include:

  • Graduated 3D Effect Mode: Introducing a new graduated 3D effect mode that allows users to customize their viewing experience with depth effects ranging from "subtle and comfortable" to "deep and intense."
  • Enhanced Device Compatibility: With the new Configuration Wizard, users can now optimize their 3D content for a wider range of devices, ensuring the highest quality experience.
  • Intelligent Configuration Wizard: Automatically detects screen and video resolutions to select the best 3D output format, tailoring the conversion process to match device and video specifics.
  • Advanced Video and System Analysis: Offers optimized output by assessing video characteristics and system performance, enabling a tailored conversion process that maximizes quality.
  • Expanded Frame Rate Support: Improved compatibility with a variety of frame rates ensures global compatibility and precision, adjusting intelligently based on the video's origin.
  • Customizable Quality Preferences: Users can now specify their desired quality settings through the Configuration Wizard, balancing processing speed with visual fidelity.

Availability and Migration Details:

  • The Release 4 update is now available for the "Complete" and "Standalone" versions of the Stream to 3D product on all stores (Steam, Gumroad and Itchio) ensuring all our users can benefit from these enhancements.
  • Customers will be prompted to update the next time they use the product. We've made every effort to ensure a smooth transition, with Release 4 designed to automatically migrate existing configuration settings and files from version 3.5, preserving your tailored setup and preferences.

This update reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, driven by the feedback and needs of our user community. We are excited for you to experience the new features and enhancements of Stream to 3D version 4.