Stream to 3D - Installation

If all is well following purchase, then you should see a page similar to the one below, with a download link for your product, as well as installation guidance and support links:

You may also be provided with your license key on this page, in any event your license key will also have been emailed to you. An example of such an email is shown below:

Image Description

You should also have been offered the opportunity to join the Stream to 3D Discord Server, either via a "Join Discord" button at the top of the download page, or at the time of your original purchase. This will allow for community support and discussion. You can also join the discord server now by clicking on the link below:

For more support options, see the support page below:

Stream to 3D - Support
The configuration guide for Stream to 3D can be found here. This is the first place that you should look in terms of resolving any issues with your Stream to 3D product: ‌Stream to 3D Configuration Guide If this does not resolve your issue, then you can seek support on

To download your product use the "Stream to 3D - Complete - Setup Download" link. This will download a setup zip file and you will be taken to a view of the setup application ".exe" contained in the zip. This screen shot shows the process when downloaded via Chrome, the process with other browsers may look slightly different:

Clicking on the setup program, will prompt for the decryption password. The password is set as "streamto3d". Enter it to continue:

This will both unzip the setup program and run it. It is not a commonly downloaded file, so Windows warns you about executing it. Windows will present the standard Microsoft Defender SmartScreen warning about an unrecognized app. Click "More info" to continue:

Image Description

You will then see the Window below, click "Run anyway", if you are happy to continue:

Image Description

You will then get one additional query about User Access Control, asking whether you are happy to run the program, which you should also accept (if happy), before the Stream to 3D Setup installer screen will appear:

You should enter (or cut and paste) the Stream to 3D license key and click Next.

The installer will confirm your entitlement to install the product with the server and if all is well, the page below will appear. Note that Stream to 3D requires an internet connection:

Read through the terms and conditions, and if you are happy, accept them by clicking on the accept radio button, before clicking Next, which will take you to the screen below:

It is best to accept the default install location and click Next.

The next screen is the component install selection screen. A description of each component is provided as below.

These components are NOT actually part of the Stream to 3D product itself. The intent here is to offer convenience links to download these components to provide for a high quality, smooth and consistent experience in your usage of Stream to 3D, by assisting with the installation of these useful additional elements.

The textual description of each component indicates the context in which it might be either required, recommeded or optional. These items include video processing tools and libraries, as well as a number of media players to choose from.

You may well already have some of these tools installed. If so, then you can uncheck the relevant boxes. Stream to 3D will attempt to discover installed components when it starts up. You can also change or configure their install locations yourself later, within the Stream to 3D UI.

The default "Compact installation" installs the components shown as ticked below. This is the option used in the rest of this example. You can also choose from either "Full installation" or "Custom installation" from the drop down:

Next, choose whether you would like a desktop shortcut to Stream to 3D to be created. It is recommended to do so, as the setup program will NOT auto-launch Stream to 3D at the end of the install process to ensure that permissions are correctly set when the application is first launched. The shortcut will make it easier for you to find the application.

The next screen simply confirms what will be installed. A separate installer will be launched for each component:

Click "Install" to continue.

The Stream to 3D installer will then download the component specific installers from their respective distributors. Once downloaded, a summary of the installers that will be launched (in turn) is shown:

Each component installer has sensible defaults so, in most cases, you should just be able to click Next as you go through their installation processes and accept the defaults. There may be the odd setting that you would like to change.

You should, however, pay particular attention to the licensing agreements of these elements, presented through the installers, and accept or deny them as you see fit, as they are licensed separately from Stream to 3D. They are either Open Source or Freeware and have licenses typical of such software components.

Once these components are installed, you should not have to re-install them unless you have a specific upgrade need. Upgrading Stream to 3D will not automatically require their re-installation.

At the end of the installation process, the setup programme will launch the Stream to 3D Configuration guidance page which will show you how to get the best out of the application in terms of watching your videos in 3D, and also help you check that everything has been setup correctly during installation.

Launch Stream to 3D from the desktop shortcut created earlier, which should look something like this: