File Name Pattern for 3D Videos

Stream to 3D uses file name pattern matching to distinguish 2D from 3D videos for playback, streaming and video conversion. By default, it will bypass the 2D to 3D conversion function for files that have "3D" in their names or contain ".SBS.", ".TB.", ".HSBS.", ".HTB." or ".3DA." (these being the 3D output formats that Stream to 3D can generate). You can modify this pattern match in the "Settings/Format" menu by editing the "3D File Name Pattern" item. The default Regex pattern is: "(?i).*((3D)|(\.SBS\.)|(\.TB\.)|(\.HSBS\.)|(\.HTB\.)|(\.3DA\.)).*". You can test the effectiveness of any changes that you make to the pattern with this online regex testing site, before applying it.

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