On the Fly 2D to 3D Video Conversion with UMS and Stream to 3D

With UMS, you can browse your 2D video collection, select a video and watch it in 3D. The video is converted to 3D, as you watch it, in real-time by your PC/Server.

The UMS solution serves the converted video to 3D/VR Media Players via DLNA. There are DLNA Media Player client configurations supplied with UMS, that run standalone on VR Headsets. These include; BigScreen or Pigasus. For PCVR use, VLC is recommended, as it also supports DLNA.

DLNA imposes certain restrictions. It requires the video to be encoded for transmission, which means that the PC hosting UMS needs to be powerful enough to handle both the 2D to 3D conversion task as well as encoding, which is particularly challenging for very high resolution videos (e.g. 4K). DLNA also does not support fast forward and rewind well for transcoded content such as generated by the 2D to 3D conversion process. To overcome this latter item, UMS can be configured to generate periodic chapter links.

For an alternative, better optimised PCVR based 2D to 3D video conversion solution, that does not employ DLNA, and can better handle very high resolution videos, e.g. 4K, consider the Stream to 3D solution.

Stream to 3D additionally can save your 3D converted video, perform frame rate conversion and from release 3 also supports streaming of the converted video over HTTP, RTP, UDP and RTSP.